Products and Services

  • Our diagnostics devices
  • ◦ Hand-held Analyser
  • ◦ Bench-top Instruments
  • ◦ Hardware-free diagnostic solutions

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
  • ◦ Remote data sharing
  • ◦ Data Storage
  • ◦ Secure real-time data transfer
  • ◦ Added power from multiple instruments

  • Data Analytics
  • ◦ Mapping of test results: Project measured data onto a map
  • ◦ Tracking of test results: Analyse acquired data in time

AusSI Systems offers customised testing and data analytics services. Please contact us about your diagnostics requirements.


Digital Health

Personal Healthcare

◦ Health checks at home
◦ Sharing of results via the internet for a professional opinion
◦ Prevention of health problems
◦ Regular monitoring of a variety of health indicators

For Medical Professionals

◦ Integration with Online Doctor services
◦ Remote diagnostics in real-time
◦ Point-of-Care diagnostics
◦ Regular monitoring of patients in and outside of the hospital
◦ Electronic record keeping


Smart Farming

◦ Regular monitoring of livestock health
◦ On-site testing and sharing of results with professionals
◦ Prevention of disease spread and containment of pandemics

Food and Beverage

◦ Pesticide detection and tracking
◦ Harvest optimisation
◦ Wine and olive oil testing


Drugs and Medication

◦ Counterfeit-testing of medication and pills
◦ Quality assurance during import/ export in particular for online markets

The Digital Laboratory

◦ Integration with electronic note books for facilitated documentation and collaboration
◦ Smart and internet-enabled laboratory equipment


Soil and Water Analysis

◦ Quality monitoring
◦ Detection of chemicals


Dr Sandra Ast

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Sandra is the founder of AusSI Systems. She holds a PhD in Chemistry and specialises in molecular sensors and smart diagnostic devices. Sandra pioneered and developed the starting technology and is an inventor on AusSI Systems' core patents. She is a graduate from Cicada Innovations' Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program.

Prof. John Canning


John is a SPIE Fellow and has previously co-founded Redfern Optical Components (now part of Tyco TE at the Australian Technology Park), Redfern Integrated Optics (now RIO in the United States), and other companies.
He has contributed to several deep technology startups and is a Mentor to others.

Mr Keegan Cooke

Business Strategy Advisor

Keegan is a dynamic entrepreneur with a wide range of product and business development experiences, including two successful hardware startup acquisitions. Keegan currently serves as Associate Director for the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Stanford University in the USA.

Technical Team

Dr Alex Radu

Mobile App Developer

Alex holds a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Sydney and is passionate about building apps. Alex is currently a Software Developer with Atlassian working part-time with AusSI Systems.

Mr Guilherme Leite

Engineering Assistant

Guilherme is currently undertaking his Master degree studies in Civil Engineering while working part-time with AusSI Systems. His expertise covers several years of 3D modelling and design engineering.

Mr Jack Campbell

Engineering Assistant

Jack has been part of the AusSI Systems team for almost one year now. He is contributing to our prototype development part-time while finishing his double Engineering degree at UNSW.



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For further information and details about how you can get involved, please contact us.

Work with us / Partnerships

Interested in partnering with AusSI Systems or looking for career opportunities? Let us know - we are always interested to hear from anyone passionate about creating innovative technologies.

We are currently recruiting interns. Reach out if you want to be part of our team.

“Developing mobile, internet-enabled analytical instruments for Healthcare, Agricultural, Chemical and Environmental Industries.”